Demineralised Plant

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Production Capacity : 1 Piece(s)/week
Vasudev Water Solution


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Product Description

The water which is natural has several dissolved salts in diluted form which can be harmful to health. We as a prominent Demineralisation Plant Manufacturer and Supplier, have taken the initiative to develop Demineralized Water Plants which has the capacity to remove harmful salts and minerals from water making it pure, potable and drinkable. Our Demineralised Plants are designed in a way that makes it easy to install and simple to operate.


  • Features

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to operate
  • Complete with regeneration equipment & control
  • Remove harmful salts and minerals from water
  • Main Components

  • Mild steel/FRP pressure vessels provided with internal fittings
  • Initial   charge of caution and anion exchange resin
  • One set of regeneration equipment including hydraulic ejectors, acid & alkali tanks
  • One set of frontal pipe work & valves.
  • One mild steel base frame for mounting caution & anion units
  • One conductivity meter to monitor treated water quality