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Production Capacity : 1 Piece(s)/week
Mamata Energy


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Product Description

Large scale dehydration system for food products operating 24 hours using Solar energy

  • Salient Features

  • 24 hours operation for greater output even in monsoon season.
  • High efficiency solar collectors.
  • Enclosed hygienic drying environment.
  • Automatic air temperature control and Humidity exhaust management.
  • Easy maintenance of the system
  • High temperature pumps.
  • Well insulated rooms to prevent losses.
  • Advantages

  • Excellent dried product quality in terms of hygiene, colour, aroma and taste.
  • Shorter drying time.
  • Minimum wastage of raw material.
  • Versatile system for all food products.
  • Less labour requirement.
  • Negligible electricity requirement.
  • Early payback, greater profits.